Originally we hadn’t intended to visit here, but after spending less time in the desert, we had a couple of days free and decided to check out the capital. It is a lovely city. The main avenue is spacious and attractive. The walk from the train station to the Medina was flat and easy along wide footpaths. Even the alleyways in the Medina were less congested, with not so many motorbikes zooming past!

Once again it took a while to find our Riad in the labyrinth, but when we did it was easy finding our way out and about.

Should have mentioned first that the train from Marrakech was comfortable and we sat with a couple of young South African travellers. The time passed quickly as we chatted about various places in Africa that we had enjoyed…no discussion about Rugby though! (We know hardly anything about it!)

In Rabat we walked along the river and past the lighthouse on the Atlantic coast, there were quite a few surfers about, and there were about half a dozen breakwalls protecting various parts of the shore. (We just need one in Lake Cathie!)

There was a fabulous juice and fruit bar where we stopped for fruit salad on the way to the Medina. Avocado juice is quite popular and oh so creamy!

One day we walked all the way to Chellah, an old Roman town. We saw lots of storks nesting nearby, the sound they make is like a clicking noise with their beaks. There are also cats of every size, shape and colour everywhere.

Walking back to town we stopped at Hassan Tower, it was never completed but is still a major landmark, the plan had been to build a huge mosque as well, but an earthquake left only the pillars and the tower standing.

Our final stop was the Kasbah, above the mouth of the river, a very spectacular location. The gardens could have been the film set for any number of “Ali Baba” films. I could just see Tony Curtis saving the princess trapped inside the palace walls.

8 thoughts on “Rabat

  1. Hi Chris and Lionel,
    Once again your holiday looks so exotic! The scenery is beautiful (except for the cats, 😱)😂
    We are home now, look forward to a catch up when you get home. 😘


  2. Love the last pic of you at the restaurant Chris, how was the food?
    Looks very different to the other cities you have been to so far in Morocco.


    • Yes, Rabat wasn’t as frantic as some of the other places. The food has been fair. Not very spicy, We have been eating mostly Vegetable or chicken tajine, harira soup, kebabs and mixed salads. Fresh orange or avocado juice, mint tea or coffee au lait. Some of the freshest food has been at very small “hole in the wall” type cafes!


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