We are in Portugal. We are staying in a guesthouse above the square. We can open the French doors, stand on our tiny balcony and take in the passing parade. It’s wonderful. We arrived quite early yesterday and wandered around the small town until checkin time.

Oh we also sat for a while drinking Sangria after we had seen all the sights. There is a Roman Bridge, a castle in ruins and a riverwalk. The weather is glorious.

Today we walked a mile or so to catch a ferry across to the beach. Lionel swam, I just paddled. The water was a beautiful turquoise colour, but cool…there were plenty of people just lazing in the sun, or on one of about 100 deck chairs and umbrellas for hire.

We walked back to town and had a jug of blanco Sangria, which was full of strawberries, apples, oranges, a cinnamon stick and mint. The alcoholic effect creeps on you slowly!

There are lots of Brits here, we met a couple who had moved here and said Portugal was the best kept secret in Europe…early days yet, but I could easily agree!

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