Santiago de Compostela

This city is overflowing with walkers/pilgrims who have completed one or more walks along the Camino trail. There are trails from Portugal, France and Spain. People opt to do short or long treks, I guess depending on their time, devotion or motivation for actually attempting the walk.

At the centre of the old town is the cathedral, a very impressive structure, built by the Catholics, where the walkers end their treks, with some lying around on the ground, while others embrace and congratulate each other on their achievements. Many of the walkers have scallop shells fixed to their backpacks. It represents the many roads that lead to the town, the symbol marks the way on many of the footpaths.

The weather has been a mixed bag, we are staying in a lovely sunny room, above a restaurant in one of the many plazas. A number of times we have been ready to leave for a walk, and it starts to pour. A shame for all the outdoor cafes, and there seems to be hundreds of them.

We also wandered through the lush gardens, and walked a fair way to the shopping centre. It was Saturday afternoon and there were only a few people about, most of the shops were closed until 5pm! Last night the sun went down around 10pm.

Eurovision Final tonight, more fun to watch than the Australian Federal Election results!

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