We were in Bilbao for three days. That gave us a chance to really find our way around the city. After spending the first night and day with Karen and Chris, we spent the next two days walking, we visited the Fine Arts Museum which was organised alphabetically by themes. How refreshing. Saw some art works by Goya and El Greco, another two artists studied in High School.

As we left the building a protest was in place, we asked a couple of people what it was about, but really didn’t have a clue. Still, hearing the chanting and singing took me back to the 70s and 80s…what happened to those days? Where has the passion gone?

We also visited an old brewery, which has been made into a community centre. The most interesting feature was seventeen columns supporting the new interior.

Walking along the riverbank was interesting, people were kayaking and paddle-boarding…a bit too murky I thought. There were a number of bridges across the river, all serving their purpose. Bilbao is a beautiful city and well worth spending a few days in.

Later that afternoon, Lionel suggested another walk, this time up the stairs to a park above the river…would be great aerobic exercise to do that regularly!

One thought on “Bilbao#2

  1. Glad you have found order in Bilbao …the alphabetised themes in the museum….right up your alley haha šŸ˜€


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