San Sebastián #1

The train ride to Donastia (San Sebastián) took almost three hours, as it stopped at about 37 stations. That didn’t bother us as we had plenty of time and the train was not crowded…lots of room to move.

We have hit some lousy weather. We thought we might be swimming here, but it’s been drizzling on and off since we arrived. Yesterday we walked along the promenade, it is a lovely city, I can imagine how popular it would be in Summer. Kayakers, swimmers, paddle boarders and yachts out and about despite the inclement weather!

After visiting the palace grounds, we continued walking then we caught a funicular to the top of the hill, which gave us a fabulous view of the bay.

We also went searching for the Ginoterria, which some Brits had suggested we might enjoy…alas, twice we have gone there and it has been closed!

6 thoughts on “San Sebastián #1

  1. Same thing when we were there!!! Now we’ll never know what it was like! Same weather too. 🙁
    At least the food is bloody good! 😋


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