On the way to the Orkneys

We picked up a little red Suzuki Swift in Edinburgh and with me nervously navigating, Lionel drove to Inverness (Inbhir Nis). The traffic was heavy on the roads, especially near Perth. Of course we got lost, and a very helpful young man at the petrol station drew a line on our map to get us to where we needed to go. We had a lovely walk along the Ness River while waiting to check in to the guesthouse, and that was enough excitement for the day!

A three hour drive through the highlands and we arrived at John O’ Groats for the obligatory photo, then off to Gills Bay to catch the ferry. I was amazed how closely the vehicles were parked on board. It took a breezy hour to reach St Margaret’s Hope and then a short drive to Kirkwall, where I managed to get us lost again and then found in the labyrinth…we didn’t expect the town to be so large!

4 thoughts on “On the way to the Orkneys

  1. Hi, when we were driving around the UK, there didn’t seem to be many road speed signs. We asked someone about it and they said the roads are colour coded (you’ll like that Chris). Still had to guess at the speed limits. The good side, was that we didn’t see any highway patrols either. 😊

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