Orkneys #1

Today we visited a few sites on the mainland (that’s the name of the main island).

Broch of Gurness The remains of a fortress like tower, I could almost imagine the community, looking out to sea for possible marauders!

Brough of Birsay a Viking settlement could be seen across the channel, and there was a pathway out to it, covered by water when we arrived. A few brave souls were in the water, brrr, maybe tomorrow we’ll go for a swim!

Skara Brae was our next stop, a very popular tourist spot. A Neolithic village has been uncovered, dating further back than Stonehenge and the pyramids. It was much smaller than we expected, but impressive all the same! A bonus was looking through the house of the Laird nearby. Loved the blue dining room setting!

Yesnaby Cliffs was our final stop for the day. A fabulously rugged coastline, no barriers to protect us. Don’t go too close said Lionel…I had no intention of doing so!

2 thoughts on “Orkneys #1

  1. Those blue glasses have your name all over them! Spectacular coastline… I’ve seen cliffs like those in those British crime shows where people are murdered and pushed over!

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