Orkneys #2

Yesterday we went for a swim! Well, Lionel did. I went in up to my thighs and that was cold enough.

After a warming shower, we headed for the Ring of Brodgar. I had seen the diggings at the Ness of Brodgar on TV. Amazing how tv cameras can make an area look bigger than it is! It started pouring as we reached the car park, so we had a quick look (at the mostly tyre covered site) and then moved on to the Ring. We also stopped at the Stones of Stennes, where you could actually get up close and personal. Most impressive. I loved it.

Ness of Brodgar
Ring of Brodgar
Ring of Brodgar
Stones of Stennes
Stones of Stennes

Our next stop was Stromness, the second largest town and a port for ferries on their way to Shetland. It was a challenge finding a parking space in the narrow streets, we drove to the end of town and walked back through the winding street, aptly named “front road”.

9 thoughts on “Orkneys #2

      • The tyres protected the dig site. There were quite a few people hanging about…I think they might have been the students who dig during their Summer holidays. I saw this view on a program about the Orkneys last year, so it didn’t surprise me.


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