Orkneys #3

Today we drove out to The Gloup and Mull Head. I am surprised how close you can walk to the edge without barriers. It’s a bit scary! The wind howls along the coast and I can’t imagine what it must be like in Winter! We now feel like we know our way around the Mainland…just in time to leave!

The Gloup
Church in Durness

We spent the afternoon looking around Kirkwall. There was a cruise ship in town which swelled the numbers wandering about. Good for business though.

Clay Loan, the street near our little flat, you have to park wherever you can

St Magnus church was magnificent. Built 900 years ago! Amazing when you realise our European buildings in Australia are only 200+ years old.

The museum was excellent (and free). I particularly liked the Viking display, and the spinning wheels which were very similar to mine. I had a few chats with crafty shop owners. It felt good to know the yarn stash is a universal occurrence!

Fair Isle Jumpers…around £150, way out of my league!

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