Drive to Seil Island

While we were wandering around Oban, we met Jim, his sister lived in Sydney. We had quite a long chat and, as with many people we have met, (who have visited Australia) they have seen more of the country than we have! He suggested instead of Mull, we might like to drive down to one of the Slate Isles – Seil. So glad we did! We drove over the Clachan Bridge and stopped to see the Tigh an Truish Inn. (House of Trousers) Islanders would change into trousers before heading to the mainland when kilts were banned after the 1745 rebellion.

Clachan Bridge (aka Bridge over the Atlantic)
House of Trousers

Ellenabeich was a lovely surprise at the end of the road. We visited the museum and walked around the village. The local school has 17 children at the moment, numbers fluctuate. Loved the comments from Angus about their teacher.

The stone walls are impressive
Scarecrow from recent festival and an unexpected Easter Island Moai
The walled gardens, across the road from the houses

A very short ferry trip took us over the channel to Easdale Island. The bridge had obviously been out of action for a while! There were beautiful clear pools around the island, formed from quarrying the slate which was sent all over the place. We chatted to a couple of Scots now living in Texas, it’s amazing how much we have in common when we start talking.

Ferry boat
Nice place for a swim…in wetsuits
This pic from the museum gives a better view of the two islands

On the way back to Oban, we turned off to look at Kilbride Historic Church and Grounds. We met the very amicable Liam Griffin, trustee of the site, who spent about an hour telling us all sorts of stories and singing us a few songs too. (We chuckled over the story of the pen pal lady friend he had met from near Orange, NSW when he was on shore leave back in 1966)

Liam explaining the symbols on the grave

8 thoughts on “Drive to Seil Island

  1. Wow! It looks amazing!
    You certainly find the unusual and out of the way places to visit. I’ve never heard of all these places you have been to – I’ve had to google them. It’s such an old country with lots of history.

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  2. What a fabulous story about the kilts and the trousers! The best memories are often the ones of conversations you’ve had with people you meet on your travels. Shame its too cold to swim in those beautiful pools!

    Liked by 1 person

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