Oban, gateway to the islands

When we drove into Oban, we were a bit stunned to see so many cars and tourists about. Surprise! Parking is a bit of a nightmare, so we caught the local bus in and spent the day walking around the waterfront. It was probably the sunniest day we have had, glorious. Firstly we walked up to The Pulpit, for an excellent view of the harbour, a very good aerobic workout.

We spent quite a while sitting at the pier, watching the ferry come in. I was intrigued when I saw the front of the boat opening up (reminded me of a James Bond movie). The tide was out and people were frolicking on the beach…noone was swimming though! We’d decided not to spend £180 on a tour to the islands, it was enough just wandering around and enjoying the sunshine.

The ferry opens up!
The seafront with McCaig’s Tower in the background
So he says!
Love the chimneys
Grand houses along the promenade
Very good chips and fish cakes
McCaig’s Tower
The view from the top

7 thoughts on “Oban, gateway to the islands

  1. Ruth and I ate at The Fish and Chip shop back in 2012. It was possibly the best fish supper we had on the trip ( endless bread and butter, all the sauces, and huge pots of tea all included). It was byo, but they had a secret stash out the back if you required a ‘wee tipple’. Loved Oban.

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    • Once we ditched the car we were happy walking around the promenade, plenty of people watching. We didn’t get our chips there…further down the street, haha…also best fish and chips recommended by another famous chef! It was such a glorious day, so lucky after the very wet and windy day we had spent on Skye!


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