Sunday in Whitby

We were very surprised to see the crowds of day trippers wandering around the harbour and enjoying the sunshine, there were thousands of people. We had to leave the car a long way from our accommodation, up near the abbey, and pay for 24 hour parking. Glad we decided to just take a change of clothes in the backpack. It would have been challenging dragging our bags down 199 steps and then along the cobbled street!

Whitby Abbey, above the harbour
View from the Abbey

Walking down the stairs was fine, it was coming back up that had me huffing and puffing.

We stayed in the attic of The Whitehorse and Griffin Pub. The first stagecoach to York left from here about the same time the First Fleet arrived in Australia.

Climbing the last flight of stairs to our room
Room with a view of rooftops, I loved it.

It was fun just sitting and watching the world go by. Dripping ice creams, screaming children, tipsy sun tanned older couples, spruikers and buskers. Not to mention Morris men! The dancers with bells…yay, Lionel went to the pub while I watched them, mesmerised! Haha.

Morris Men
Where’s Lionel?
It was doing a roaring trade, extracting money for games and maybe trinkets

There were boats continually taking the day trippers for a quick trip out of the harbour and back. No shortage of takers. Lots of families enjoying the beach too.

And the chips were very good, but I’ll wait til we’ve finished the trip to decide if they were the best!

Crabbing is a very popular pastime, they usually throw them back in!
Yarn-bombing by the sea

7 thoughts on “Sunday in Whitby

    • Lionel is not a fan of Morris dancing. Parking is very challenging! Some of the pay and display car parks cost a fortune! We don’t have it so bad after all! Whitby was a great place to observe holidaymakers having fun!


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