Yorvik (York) #1

We’ve spent two full days, walking along the river into the city, up along the city walls, exploring op shops, drinking beer in very old pubs and generally getting to know the ancient Viking city of York.

Canal boats -small, medium, large
The riverwalk into the city
Clifford’s Tower

The city walls gave us great views of York Minster. Didn’t feel the need to pay to go inside a church! Even if it was a magnificent one!

A poster
View from Marks and Spencer’s Cafe
From the city walls
Up close, in the grounds
Stairway to the city wall
City gate

We walked along the cobbled streets, taking care to watch where we were going. Some of the narrow streets were crowded and people were lining up to visit Chocolatiers, and tea rooms! We wandered through the Shambles Markets and past stores cashing in on the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Park your broomstick here

Our feet were crying out for a rest by about 5:30pm. Time to head back to our hotel, The Lighthorseman for a beer. The bar was full of footy supporters when we arrived, they were watching a game between Liverpool and Manchester United. They were all very excited when goals were scored.

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