Yorvik (York) #2

It is so busy over here! Yesterday afternoon we tried to visit the Yorvik Viking Centre. It was booked out! As was the Van Gogh immersive exhibition. So we tried again today. But first we went to the National Railway Museum, which housed a number of carriages used by the Royal family when they travelled by train. Very flash! It was free and packed.

Stephenson’s Rocket
So British
A massive engine.
Beautiful insignia on the carriage
No idea what the connection was!

We managed to book a slot at the Viking Centre, but I missed out on Van Gogh. Oh well. It was a very interesting place. The first part of the visit involved a carriage ride through a “Viking Village” very impressively reconstructed. The mannequins and displays were very realistic, there was actually a real live human in one, which gave us a surprise.

This one is real

The second part showed various artefacts that had been found on site, we had a chat with the “live” mannequin, who told us all about Nalbinding, a craft that began before knitting, over a thousand years ago. Nothing was wasted in Viking villages, items were repurposed until they basically disintegrated! Perhaps the modern world could learn a few things from them.

6 thoughts on “Yorvik (York) #2

  1. Van Gogh Alive is here in Newcastle from Sep 22 till Oct 23 and then in Sydney from Dec 8th till Feb 12th. We saw it when it was here last and it was fabulous. Not sure if it would be the same as over there but I cried, it was very moving. I remember I went to the museum in York and it was incredible…..back then I had never been to such a well designed and interesting museum.

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