Blackpool #2 and beyond

In front of the Blackpool Tower, on the boardwalk, there is a list of all the celebrities that have performed in Blackpool. Lionel and I spent over an hour wandering around the perimeter, recognizing various performers such as Ben Elton, the Carry on crew, The Young Ones, Little Britain, and of course The Monty Python gang. There were famous quotes too. A wonderful idea.

Where are you Vicki?

Before we left the area, Lionel drove north to see where the tram went. There were all these large installations along the tram-line. I don’t think the houses across the road from the beach would think these improved their views!

We drove to St Anne’s by the Sea, then through Southport and stopped at Crosby Beach on the shores of the Irish Sea. You could see Liverpool across the estuary. The Brits love their dogs and seem to take them everywhere! There were hundreds of people walking along the promenade, enjoying the sunshine and the Bank Holiday weekend. A few in the water too, particularly kids.

There were these bronze statues placed along the shore and in the water. There are evidently 100 of them, all made from the cast of the Sculptor Sir Antony Gormley. Titled “Another Place”.

A lot of bricks had been used along the sea wall. I’m guessing they had been there a long time as there were no sharp edges. Once again the sea was a long way out!

That’s Liverpool in the distance

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