Blackpool #1

Forget about Romans, Vikings, Saxons and history, we’re in the seaside holiday town of Blackpool and I love it! We are staying at a very small hotel opposite the beach. The Rockcliffe. Looking at all the tiny hotels wedged in between the huge ones reminds me of Fawlty Towers.

From our room you can watch the tides changing. It’s quite dramatic and the pools left behind as the tide recedes glisten in the afternoon sun. There are three piers, stretched out along the promenade. We walked to South Pier and back again past North Pier yesterday, of course we had to stop at each pier for a drink to sustain us.

Tides going out
It’s very shallow for a long way out
South Pier
Central Pier

I think what I really like about this place is it’s earthiness. There’s all sorts wandering about, and there’s something to please everyone. They are all out to have a good time, a bit of a dance, a couple of pints and a few too many hours in the sun (getting burnt).

The big one at Pleasure Beach
A mermaid!
The Cinderella carriage

There are lots of amusement parlours, pubs galore, carnival rides, horse-drawn carriages, side shows, ice cream vendors, and fish & chips cafes everywhere. Most of the pubs have disco music blaring or solo musicians singing popular tunes with piano accordion or keyboard accompaniment. A feast for the senses! Just sitting and taking it all in is entertainment enough. It was like going back in time to childhood holidays on the Central Coast (Toukley)…but better!

Low tide on the pier
North Pier was my favourite

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