Into Devon

As we left Penzance we had plans to stop at Mevagissy Harbour and Bigbury on Sea. One because of a jigsaw puzzle and the second a location for an Agatha Christie novel! But it was pouring. Navigation is a challenge at the best of times, so we were happy to drive on to Starcross, a very small town, near Dawlish, where we were staying at the Galleon Inn.

The railway runs right by the sea. I had seen it on one of those British travel programs on TV and was fascinated to watch from above the platform, the trains tearing along.

We met up with friends in Teignmouth and had a lovely catch-up with Kirsty and Nejla, meeting the gorgeous grandkids and enjoying the walk along the promenade.

A popular beach in Teignmouth!
Art along the promenade
For my friends who do mosaics…your next project?

As often happens, I stopped and had a chat with a person on the beach (who was also looking for sea glass). We talked about all manner of things…as you do! When ever we meet people, they always seem to have family or friends in Australia somewhere, it’s a nice connection.

Plenty of chat from the boys about cricket and rugby with Lionel
These structures are called groynes, they stop the sand being washed away
A detectorist searching for doubloons perhaps?

It was while we were here, having dinner at the pub, that we heard the sad news about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s one of those moments in time we’ll always remember where we were and what we were doing.

The tide goes out, the tide comes in…the view from the pub

We are near the end of our travels, with just over a week to go. It’s been a long drive from the top to the bottom of Great Britain. We will definitely need a rest when we get home!

9 thoughts on “Into Devon

  1. Lovely to hear and see what you are doing. Wild seas – love them. Britain has some amazing tides and huge swells, we enjoyed seeing these. did you know Boscastle was completely flooded years ago, a lot of damage. Pretty spot. We didn’t get into the Witches museum, it was shut when we were there. Only a week to go – could spend years in Britain and still not see all the interesting things. Are you spending time in London? Will be a very active time with the Queens funeral and all the pageantry. I’d love to see some of this, so foreign to us. Even if you’re not a royalist I think it would be interesting view some of it Not much other news from here. We had our US visitors, they loved it here, loved Tasmania and NZ too. We discovered places that were interesting and yummy eating places. This area if becoming a ‘foodie spot’ and we experienced some wonderful meals. have to go to Tweed Heads to renew my WWC number today, can’t do it remotely. Glad I don;t mive in Cairns!! Off to see ‘Girl from the North Country’ on Wednesday at QPAC in Brisbane and a school reunion on Saturday in Sydney. continue enjoying.xx Barb R   

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  2. Loving all the photos. Spectacular views and gorgeous buildings. Steve’s farmhouse was stunning. I could easily do one of those with its enormous vegie garden.
    Wow what an amazing holiday you guys are having. Thanks for sharing.

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