Baku #1

After three flights and more plane meals than necessary we finally arrived in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It’s not a country we hear much about, but our dear friend Jo has been teaching here for fifteen years and we’ve wanted to come and visit for quite a while.

Jo’s view

It is an ancient city, with its walled old town and a modern metropolis with amazing architecture. We’ve spent two days here so far and walked until our feet said no more! (That’s when we make good use of the taxi service…around $2.50 to get around the city!)

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the Heydar Aliyev Museum, it was wonderful and what a building! The musical instrument display was especially good, standing in front of each piece, the music began to play…I couldn’t help myself!

Lionel waiting patiently…
Now that’s a loom
I’d love some for the garden
I want this bean bag too!

After lunch in Attaturk park at an excellent kebab cafe, we hopped on the metro and headed to the seafront to the carpet museum. Jo and I spent an hour loving the carpets, while Lionel wandered along the promenade.

The Carpet Museum
Along the seafront, a shopping centre
The Flame Towers
Flame towers at night

18 thoughts on “Baku #1

  1. Excellent photos Chris! Love the textiles, and Lionel’s patience. I look forward to sightseeing (vicariously) with you on this trip. Where to after Azerbaijan?

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  2. That bean bag has Chris written all over it! Interesting architecture. The shopping centre looks inspired by Sydney Opera House. I liked the carpet roll museum and the flame towers as well. Keep the travelogue coming. Safe travels!

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  3. Love the photos of beautiful textiles and different architecture. What an interesting place to visit. Looking forward to learning more about Baku from your posts. Say hello to Lionel 👋🏼

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