The Road to Tbilisi

Misha came to pick us up in Vardzia with the news the road to Kutaisi was closed. They had been doing roadworks and a landslide had occurred. The road had been closed for two days…we could drive an extra ten hours…but there was no guarantee it would be open! Quick look through the Lonely Planet, and we decided to head for the capital, a few extra days there would give us time to take it slow. Something we are happy to do these days!

The mountains everywhere were white!
Abandoned fortress
Train tracks in the distance
The road ahead

It was snowing when we left Vardzia, and increased as the hours wore on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much…well maybe a school excursion to Jindabyne…but that was decades ago! It was just beautiful, and surprisingly, not that cold when we climbed out to take some photos.

Once again, scenes from Dr Zhivago zoomed past, I get very emotional when I think of that film!

Diamond in the Sky

We also stopped to look at a canyon. The bridge across was impressive, the cafe and viewing area are in the “diamond”. I can’t say I liked walking across the clear sections where you could see down below!

5 thoughts on “The Road to Tbilisi

  1. Wow, winter is really hanging in. More snow that Jindabyne, in a good year! Hope you’ve packed lots of warm clothes. Just checked that Georgia stretches down to Black Sea so it must have a varied climate. Good to have some catch up time in Tbilisi.

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