Day trip from Tbilisi

There is certainly a lot of traffic in the city. Misha picked us up at 10am, and it was still peak hour. We drove out to Mtskheta, to see the cathedral and beat the tourist crowds, running the gauntlet of the many small souvenir shops lining the alleyway up to the church. It was marvellous, the paintings were exquisite, and you can’t help being impressed by the construction.

Lionel waiting patiently
Entrance to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, 11th Century
Wine jars
View of Jvari Church in the distance

Our next stop was another cave city, Uplistsikhe. This wasn’t as big as Vardzia, but I really liked the way you could move from one building to the next without too many stairs. It was really windy on the hilltop, but a perfect vantage spot for the surrounding countryside.

Cave city
Looks like a skull!
Only the inner city remains after destruction by the Mongols in 1240. Twenty thousand people lived here at one time.

Our third stop was the city of Gori, birthplace of Joseph Stalin. The museum provides a very detailed life history, all positive of course!

Stalin, young revolutionary
This is an embroidery
I need to learn a bit more about our modern history…
Stalin’s bullet-proof carriage

From Mtskheta you can see Jvari Monastery, in the distance, perched high above. We also stopped there on the way north a couple of days later which gave us another fabulous view of the valley.

Jvari Church
View from Jvari
The road heading north to the mountains

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  1. Funny, a contestant on Hard Quiz last week had Stalin as his subject and I was surprised to learn that he was born in Georgia. Am loving the mountain scenery!

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