The streets of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi)

We drove over three hours to reach this little village, about 10kms from the Russian Border. There is a church (Tsminda Sameba) above the village of Gergeti, and for many people this is their purpose in coming.

The church on the mountain
Walking up from the van, not too far!
Stepantsminda town from the church

We loved the church, but it was wandering around the streets and taking pics of the houses that I enjoyed the most. Many of the houses looked very fragile, and I loved the use of whatever materials were at hand for fences, gates and sheds.

Still in use?
The red pipes are gas lines
All houses are well signposted
The churchyard, with Gergeti in the distance
Church in Stepantsminda
Road under repair?
Watch your step!
Always the mountain view…
Artworks here and there
Stone walls abound!

There is a lot of new construction going on too. Chalet style apartments and hotels to cater for the tourists, but I prefer the older dwellings.

Prefabricated Chalets
Our hotel, the middle upstairs room is ours
When the sun was out it was lovely on the rooftop

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