The Georgian Military Highway

This road leads through the high Caucasus Mountains into Russia. It’s the main transport route for trucks and as we drove towards Kazbegi, there were hundreds of tankers and containers parked on the side of the road, waiting for their turn to drive through the tunnels. Misha said they can wait up to a week!

Trucks parked along the highway for miles
Zhinvali Reservoir
Photo opportunity
Dress up time with an AK47…no?

We passed Zhinvali Reservoir and stopped at Ananuri fortress, which had an amazing view back down the valley.

Top vantage point
Love the carving
Very strategic fortress

There was a fabulous “friendship” monument built in 1973 by Russia, from there we could see people heliskiing down the mountains across the valley. A lady we met said it was just like Switzerland. The mountains, covered in snow are magnificent, but I don’t think I’d like to live there!

Friendship Monument
Walking over this ice was difficult, only slipped once!
Walking up to the monument was a slow and steady climb, in joggers.
That black spot on the snow is a helicopter!

Climbing higher into the mountains, around hairpin bends we reached Gudauri, a popular ski resort. It has chalets and hotels everywhere, and evidently is very very busy in Winter.

Waiting our turn to go through the tunnels

I expected it to be cold, and I think if it was windy it would be, but it was a perfect day to be driving, surrounded by so much white stuff!

Into the tunnel

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